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Features of a Good Play

By the time your teacher assigns a play essay to students, theres without a doubt that they have written several articles prior and most likely have mastered the way around writing essays. Though a little bit different, play essays are ordinary, and you need not break a sweat when writing them. 

In most instances, your instructor will give you a play essay to analyze, while in others, you may have the discretion to choose your play of choices. Either way, you are on the right path if your topic revolves around a great play. Some characteristics of such a plot are described below:

  • 360 plot
  • Character development
  • Unique theme
  • Emotions
  • Sound and music
  • Scene and ambiance

A 360 Plot 

The only way to have your spectators mesmerized is to have a well-thought-through plot. You want to consider a plot that is imparted by recounting a story and comprises each activity in the play. Plot envelops all the issues that characters face. The dramatist arranges occasions to make suspension and pressure, to prod the crowd and keep them intrigued. 

Character Development 

Characters are the individuals who showcase the plot and manage the issues and strife of the plot. This is one of the most effectively perceived parts of dramatization since they are the individuals who populate the stage. Characters should be convincing, individuals that crowds are keen on becoming familiar with. Great characters are affable or have magnetism regardless of whether they are villains and do extraordinary things. 

The Theme uniqueness

The topic is what is the issue here, the theoretical thought or analogy of the play. The issue the plot and characters look at. A decent play may have different subjects; however, it will retract the thought that overwhelms the story. Therefore, when you master your plays theme, you bet you are on the right track to pleasing your audience.

Emotional Language 

To capture your audience, empathy is essential. Hence a great play must always be aware of what sentiments they wish to impart to their spectators. Note that elevated language is a dramatic show, and it frequently employs imagery, misrepresented dialogue, or rhyme. 

Sound and Music 

There is a song and musicality to a play that addresses how the story is told. Music is how the play sounds, and it tends to be either how the altercation is conveyed or the more strict significance of tune and music, for example, found in the melodic theater. It also incorporates audio cues, the entertainers voices, or instrumental music played as a score. 

Scene Brings a Play to Life 

The scene is the thing that isolates a play from a novel or short story. Plays are not intended to be perused; however, to be seen and heard. They spring up with entertainers, outfits, sets, lights, and sound. A writer incorporates stage bearings, notes about props, and even depictions of bands when they are significant. 


It is worth noting that you are competing against great minds, and theres no living anything to chance when it comes to getting that good GPA. Hence, you must pay attention to all the details of this article to guide you to write a winning play essay. And don’t forget to get professional essay help.